Palm Sunday 2017? When is that?

Palm Sunday 2017 is on April 9th 2017. 

We are hoping that many people will come to the Walk for Justice, starting at St George’s Cathedral and walking through the shopping district of Perth, to show our support for asylum seekers and refugees.

Church people are encouraged to plan to come with the palms they have used in Church on Palm Sunday.

Everyone is encouraged to bring posters and placards and messages of support.

Do you need to know why we are walking? Listen to Misha Coleman, spokesperson for the Australian Churches Refugee Task Group being interviewed on the ABC Religion and Ethics report:

Church, aid and human rights groups call on government to evacuate the refugee camps on Religion and Ethics Report


2 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 2017? When is that?

  1. Is the Walk at 1:00pm again thithis year?
    I don’t see a time mentioned anywhere.

    Thank you.

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