Welcome to Justice4RefugeesWA!

We are a group of civil society organisations, churches and individuals calling for humane policies for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

Peaceful Protest Planned for Perth – Coalition of groups support Walk for Justice for Refugees Palm Sunday March 29, 2015 at 1pm

Asylum seekers are in need of our protection, not more difficulty, according to the Justice4RefugeesWA network which is organizing the Walk for Justice for Refugees on Palm Sunday March 29, 2015.  As part of a national day of action across Australia the group is inviting people from all walks of life to express their dissatisfaction with the current asylum seeker policy in a peaceful walk through the streets of Perth.

“Our current asylum seeker policy is inhumane and unfair” said Associate General Secretary of the Uniting Church in Western Australia, Rosemary Hudson Miller. “Many people seeking help have been punished in an attempt at deterrence.  In the past we have led the world in refugee resettlement. Australia is now increasingly becoming known by its reputation for creating misery in the lives of vulnerable people. It’s time for the Australian government to change this policy. Let us act with justice and respect for human rights.”

 We are calling for

  • Compassion not punishment.
  • An end to offshore processing.
  • An end to mandatory detention.

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