I am DHW342

I was born in East Africa

When I was five years old I held my mother’s hand

while we ran from bullets being shot in the civil war


I grew up in a refugee camp.

This is where I got married

and had two beautiful children


My children were only 1 and 3 years old

when I was forced to leave them in the refugee camp.

After I left my children I made my way to Indonesia.


It was there, before I got on the boat that I found out I was pregnant

I gave birth to my son while I was in detention.

The security guards were on watch in the hospital

as I welcomed my child into this world.


My son was five years old when we were granted protection

This visa protects us for the next five years.

I am grateful for this protection

but I long to be with my children


On this visa I am not allowed to apply

for my children to live in Australia


I’ve been told that maybe after ten years I can sponsor my family

I cannot be separated from my children for this long

I am thinking I have no choice

I am grateful to be safe

But I think I have to give up my visa for my children

I think I have to leave Australia

And not come back…..

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